The new 2023 Honda CR-V aims to excel in a multitude of ways. Mission accomplished. (2023)

The Honda HMC, -2.57% CR-V is our highest-rated compact SUV of 2023 and aKelley Blue Book Best Buy Award winner. Pricing starts at $28,410.

Here we are, welcoming generation six of the perennially popular Honda CR-V compact SUV into the world. Expertise gained and lessons learned from the previous generations combine with fresh technology and manufacturing techniques to create the best-ever CR-V.

It wasn’t even as if the 2022 version was out-classed by the competition. It was still highly recommendable for its space, safety, reliability, economy, and resale values. The CR-V deserves its fine reputation for being good in a multitude of ways.

This is like when a world-record-holding athlete posts a faster time or lifts a heavier weight. Honda knows that when you’re standing still, you’re really going backward. Because everyone else is on that same path of improvement. For now, though, the 2023 CR-V has strengthened its position as the cream of the compact SUV crop.

The similarly all-new 2023CR-V Hybridis reviewed separately.

2023 Honda CR-V pricing

The new 2023 Honda CR-V aims to excel in a multitude of ways. Mission accomplished. (1)

The 2023 Honda CR-V starts at $28,410. Thevery well-equipped EX trimwith front-wheel drive begins at $31,610. TheEX-Lhas more features and is priced from $34,260. All-wheel drive is an extra $1,500 with any version.

2023 Honda CR-V MSRP
CR-V LX $28,410
CR-V EX $31,610
CR-V EX-L $34,260

These figures are manufacturer’s suggested retail prices (MSRP) and do not include the destination charge of $1,245.Both trimsare worth considering, and you can’t go wrong with either.

(Video) 2023 Honda CR-V EX-L review // Does this top trim offer value?

The 2023 CR-V is priced on the higher side of the class. For example, theSubaru FUJHY, -1.31% Forester(with all-wheel drive as standard) starts at $26.4K, which is in the ballpark as the excellentKia 000270, -0.61% SportageandHyundai Tucson. TheMazda CX-5 MZDAY, -1.53% (another great choice and also with all-wheel drive as standard) begins at $26.7K. TheNissan Roguecomes in at $27.4K. And the CR-V’s archrival, theToyota TM, -2.13% RAV4, starts at around $28K.

Before buying a new CR-V compact SUV, check the Kelley Blue Book Fair Purchase Price to know what you should really pay. Resale values of previous Honda CR-V generations have always been comfortably above average, so we’re expecting nothing less than a solid performance with this new generation.

Plus: The all-new 2023 Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid hits the spot

What’s new for 2023

The 2023 Honda CR-V compact SUV represents anall-new generation, with a fresh design, a roomier cabin, better outward vision, and an updated infotainment system. Yet the philosophy stays the same — to excel in a wide range of aspects. Mission accomplished, as the Honda CR-V is ourCompact SUV Best Buy for 2023.

Honda originally dropped the base LX trim with the redesigned 2023 CR-V, butit’s already backappealing to SUV shoppers on a budget.

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Driving the 2023 Honda CR-V

Here’s a little snippet from our notebook after driving the 2023 CR-V: “Beautifully tuned suspension, comfortable yet precise.” To be honest, earlier incarnations of the CR-V have been a bit of a yawn to drive. This one is different.

It responds quickly and sweetly to inputs like steering and braking, so the driver feels completely in control — as well as being kept aware of what’s going on with great outward vision, enhanced by things like standard-issue blind-spot monitoring.

The CR-V will still appeal to everyone who just wants a stable, comfy and reliable compact SUV for everyday driving. It’s just that it can be more enjoyable now.

(Video) 2023 Honda CR-V Hybrid | Talking Cars with Consumer Reports #409

In these days of push-button and rotating gear selectors, it’s almost odd to see a conventional shift lever in the new CR-V. But we know many buyers will welcome the familiarity.

Smart, spacious interior

Stretching the wheelbase by a couple of inches (the distance between the front and rear axles) has increased rear legroom and brings a benefit to ride quality. Not that CR-V owners in the past have ever been deprived in these areas. It does, however, show how Honda has brought incremental improvements to the 2023 CR-V that all combine to make a tangible difference.

Up front are what Honda calls Body Stabilizing Seats, designed to promote ideal posture and reduce fatigue. They certainly feel comfortable, supportive, and fine for long driving stints. The rear seats gain seat belt reminders and their occupants now enjoy a generous 41 inches of legroom.

We like the crisp yet pleasant-looking graphics in the driver information display between the two round gauges, as well as the overall quality of materials. The L of EX-L signifies leather seating surfaces, by the way. Meanwhile, the mesh strip running across the dashboard is novel.

With rivals fitting 12-inch infotainment touchscreens, the 9-inch display in thehighest EX-L trimlevel seems a little on the small side. And the EX has an even smaller, 7-inch touchscreen. At least there’s a physical volume control.

Cargo space receives a boost. Behind the rear seats there’s a massive 39.3 cubic feet — visibly more than, say, the Kia Sportage. The level of the cargo floor is also conveniently low. With the rear seats folded down, maximum volume is 76.5 cubic feet, as good as this compact SUV class gets.

Confident exterior

We think there’s a maturity to the new CR-V’s exterior design. As there should be, considering this is the sixth generation. But where previous models tried to be the most anonymous thing in the parking lot, there’s now greater presence — in a tasteful way.

Compared with the outgoing CR-V, this new model is longer by just over a couple of inches, and ever-so-slightly wider. Some of the subtler touches include a wider and more upright windshield, contributing to excellent outward vision. Running boards, fender flares, and a liftgate spoiler are all optional.

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(Video) 2019 Honda CRV - Infotainment How To

Our favorite features and tech

Apple CarPlay/Android Auto
Smartphone integration has become pretty much a necessity, using apps for things like navigation and spoken-word text replies. It’s standard in the 2023 CR-V and the higher EX-L trim also enables wireless connectivity for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Wireless charging
Another EX-L feature. Just place a capable smartphone on the charging pad in the center console and it all happens automatically.

All-wheel drive
For buyers living in areas where the weather gets rough, it’s no doubt worth the extra money for the added reassurance of all-wheel drive. It’s optional with both 2023 CR-V trims.

Hill descent control
This is new for a CR-V and it’s not just a feature accompanying the all-wheel-drive system; it comes as standard with front-drive versions as well. The driver sets a slow speed (between 2 mph and 12 mph) to negotiate a treacherous downward slope. The CR-V handles the throttle, transmission, and brakes. With feet off the pedals, the driver just steers.

8-way power-adjustable driver’s seat
OK, this might seem a bit mundane, but the base trim levels of most compact SUVs have manual adjustment. It’s higher-spec features like this that help justify the CR-V’s pricing. The EX-L adds memory settings, great for when there’s more than one regular driver.

Traffic Jam Assist
As if to underline the pricing argument just above, this is also standard in thepopular EX trim. It works with the lane-keeping system, adding slight steering corrections at speeds below 45 mph right down to a complete stop. Anything that helps relieve the tedium of city traffic is a plus.

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Engine and transmission

Turbocharging has evolved to such sophisticated heights that it can perform the neat trick of maximizing power output while still achieving decent fuel economy.

The 2023 CR-V’s turbocharged 1.5-liter 4-cylinder engine itself is another example of evolution rather than being completely new. It has the same muscle as before — 190 horsepower and 179 lb-ft of torque — and returns identical fuel economy figures. But that’s fine. We had no complaints about its predecessor, except for the puny 1,500-pound tow rating — which hasn’t changed with this new generation. Not many people use a compact SUV for towing, though.

(Video) Top 5 Problems Honda CR-V SUV 3rd Generation 2007-2011

An automatic transmission sends drive to the front wheels (FWD) in standard form. All-wheel drive (AWD) is optional.

1.5-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder engine
190 horsepower @ 6,000 rpm
179 lb-ft of torque @ 1,700-5,000 rpm
EPA city/highway fuel economy: 28/34 mpg (FWD), 27/32 mpg (AWD)

More CR-V fuel economy information is available on theEPA’s website.

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Outstanding safety ratings

The 2023 Honda CR-V is anIIHS Top Safety Pick+, which is the highest honor available from the safety watchdog group. It earns this honor with a long list of standard safety features like automatic emergency braking, lane-keep assist, blind-spot monitoring, and more.

3-year/36,000-mile warranty

The basic new-vehicle warranty for the 2023 CR-V compact SUV is three years or 36,000 miles, whichever happens first. The powertrain’s warranty lasts for five years or 60,000 miles. Honda also adds complimentary maintenance for the first two years or 24,000 miles.

KBB’s car review methodology.

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How fast will Honda CR-V 2023 go? ›

The 2023 CRV Sport and Sport Touring have the most power in the line-up. These new Honda CRV Hybrids have been updated with side-by-side electric motors and a more refined four-cylinder engine. Maximum speed jumps from 86 mph in 2022 to 115 mph this model year. Output is 204 horsepower, an increase of 3 horses.

What is the fuel efficiency of the 2023 Honda CR-V? ›

With 2WD, the 2023 Honda CR-V mpg rates 28 mpg in the city and 34 mpg* on the highway. If you want to get even more out of every gallon of gas, the 2023 Honda CR-V Hybrid mpg rating of 43 mpg city and 36 mpg highway with 2WD will serve you well.

Does the 2023 Honda CR-V have a turbo engine? ›

The 2023 CR-V LX, EX and EX-L trims are equipped with a significantly updated turbocharged 4-cylinder. In addition to the intercooled turbo, this EarthDreams® Technology powerplant features direct injection, Variable Timing Control (VTC) on both camshafts and the addition of VTEC® for the exhaust valves.

What is the acceleration 0 60 for the 2023 Honda CR-V? ›

The 2023 Honda CR-V comes equipped with a 1.5-liter I4 that makes 180 hp @ 6000 rpm and 179 lb. -ft. @ 2000 rpm of torque. The car takes 8.6 seconds to reach 60 MPH from a standstill while it is able to run a quarter-mile in - seconds.

When can you order 2023 Honda CR-V? ›

Our team is preparing for a 2023 Honda CR-V release date in October 2022. Sign up for updates on the new redesign, and we'll get you official dimensions, EPA-estimated mileage, and more as we get closer to adding this crossover to our inventory.

How much to pay for 2023 Honda CR-V? ›

The 2023 Honda CR-V starts at $28,410. The very well-equipped EX trim with front-wheel drive begins at $31,610. The EX-L has more features and is priced from $34,260. All-wheel drive is an extra $1,500 with any version.

At what speed does a Honda CR-V get the best gas mileage? ›

Avoid High Speeds — High speeds are also a fuel drain for your Honda. You'll get the best possible fuel economy by maintaining a speed of 55 to 65 mph.

Does the 2023 Honda CRV take premium gas? ›

Technically speaking, no Honda vehicles require premium gasoline.

How many miles can a Honda CR-V go on a full tank of gas? ›

CR-V Driving Range

The 2022 CR-V has a driving range of over 500 miles if the hybrid is used. For the standard gas-powered, non-hybrid Honda CR-V a fuel range over 400 miles is within reach.

Does 2023 Honda CR-V still have oil dilution problem? ›

According to a recent class action lawsuit, drivers of certain 2018-2023 Honda vehicles may experience stalling and oil dilution. Manufacturing defects in the engines of affected vehicles can cause the car's oil to be diluted with fuel, causing significant wear and damage to the engine.

Which CR-V model is best? ›

CR-V shoppers and owners can be confident that 2005–2006, 2008-2010, 2013, 2015-2016, and 2018–2021 are the best years for this compact Honda crossover. However, engine troubles and other problems suggest staying away from the 2001-2004, 2007, 2011-2012, 2014, and 2017 CR-Vs.

Why is Honda discontinuing the CR-V? ›

While supply chain disruptions appear to be lessening across the auto industry, manufacturers continue to deal with a shortage of chips. These precious components, as you know, are essential to make a ton of systems and technologies work on new vehicles.

Is the CR-V sluggish? ›

One of the most common complaints about the Honda CRV is its sluggish acceleration. You are not alone if you are experiencing what is known as throttle lag. Most modern vehicles are a bit slower due to increased regulations on the gas pedal response which has resulted in a slower response.

Does Honda CR-V have good acceleration? ›

The 2022 Honda CR-V comes with 190 hp and 179 lb-ft of torque inside its 1.5 Turbo I-4 engine that makes it 127 MPH fast with a decent 0-60 MPH acceleration of 9.3 seconds. Be it either Honda CR-V LX 2022 or CR-V EX, or EX-L or 2022 Touring, the 0-60 MPH remains the same for all with a quarter-mile run of 16 seconds.

Does 2023 CR-V have remote start? ›

Honda makes the lives of car owners easy with its slew of advanced convenience and technology features. The Remote Start feature of the all-new 2023 Honda CR-V is one such technology that allows drivers to start the engine and get their car ready for the long haul.

Does the 2023 Honda CR-V have a timing belt or chain? ›

Honda CR-V and Civic models are equipped with a timing chain.

Will the 2023 Honda CR-V be larger? ›

The 2023 CR-V is 2.7 inches longer than the 2022 model. Honda lengthened the wheelbase 1.6 inches—to 106.3 inches overall—and widened the track front and rear. The result is a vehicle with 103.5 cubic feet of passenger space.

What is the best year of Honda CRV to buy used? ›

Best Year Used CR-V: 2005-2006

If you want an unbeatable deal on a tried-and-true SUV, then look for the 2005 to 2006 model year. This generation can be the best year Honda CR-V to buy used for budget-conscious drivers because of the high fuel economy figures, steady performance, and inexpensive maintenance.

How much is a 2023 Honda CR-V with leather seats? ›

At the top of the 2023 CR-V lineup is the $38,600 Sport Touring AWD hybrid. Honda will tack on a $1,245 destination charge to all 2023 prices. Opting for the leather-upholstered CR-V EX-L will set you back $33,760. All-wheel drive is a $1,500 option on all CR-Vs, except for the Sport Touring, where it comes standard.

How much does a fully loaded Honda CR-V cost? ›

The 2023 Honda CR-V has an average starting price for the segment. The entry-level LX trim has a base MSRP of $28,410. The midtier EX trim starts at $31,610, and the top EX-L trim has a starting MSRP of $34,260.

How long should a CR-V last? ›

Still, with proper maintenance, a Honda CR-V can be extended to between 250,000 and 300,000. Depending on how often you hit the road, this may take you between 15 and 20 years to accomplish. The manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP) for a brand-new entry-level CRV is about $26,400.

At what speed is your car most gas efficient? ›

Slow Down and Drive Conservatively

For light-duty vehicles, for example, every 5 mph you drive over 50 mph is like paying $0.30 more per gallon of gas (based on the price of gas at $4.32 per gallon). Reducing your speed by 5 to 10 mph can improve fuel economy by 7%–14%.

How do I make my Honda CR-V more fuel efficient? ›

Try out these tips:
  1. Drive at a constant pace. If you are consistently slowing down or speeding up, you're using more gas. ...
  2. Make sure all your windows are rolled up. If your. ...
  3. Limit the use of your air conditioner. Constantly running your air conditioner can also force your engine to work harder.
  4. Make sure your. tires.
Dec 13, 2021

Should I buy CRV hybrid or gas? ›

The hybrid gets up to an EPA estimated 40 mpg in the city and 35 mpg on the highway, while the standard CR-V only manages up to 28 mpg in the city and 34 on the highway. That means you can save a lot of money on gas over time by opting for the hybrid.

What happens if you mix premium and regular gas? ›

Can I mix premium and unleaded gas? Yes, drivers can mix the two types of fuel. The combined gas types will result in an octane level somewhere in the middle — something the vehicle “will survive,” according to The Drive.

Can Honda CR-V use 87 gas? ›

What kind of fuel should I use in my Honda engine? Honda engines are certified and designed to run on regular unleaded gasoline.

Why is my Honda CR-V using so much gas? ›

A bad fuel pump can lead to a rough running engine because it is not getting enough fuel. This will lead to a decline in gas mileage. If this issue is not addressed it will lead to a rough, idle, sputtering and stalling. Clogged Fuel Filter: A clogged fuel filter will also cause problems with gas mileage.

How far can a Honda CRV hybrid go on electric only? ›

47-mile maximum EV mode driving-range rating.

What is considered high mileage for a Honda CR-V? ›

The Honda CRV can run for well over 200,000 miles and, if maintained with a lot of tender love and care, it can keep chugging along even past 300,000 miles.

How fast can a Honda CR-V go? ›

The 2022 Honda CR-V comes with 190 hp and 179 lb-ft of torque inside its 1.5 Turbo I-4 engine that makes it 127 MPH fast with a decent 0-60 MPH acceleration of 9.3 seconds. Be it either Honda CR-V LX 2022 or CR-V EX, or EX-L or 2022 Touring, the 0-60 MPH remains the same for all with a quarter-mile run of 16 seconds.

Is the 2023 CR-V bigger than the 2022? ›

The 2023 CR-V is 2.7 inches longer than the 2022 model. Honda lengthened the wheelbase 1.6 inches—to 106.3 inches overall—and widened the track front and rear. The result is a vehicle with 103.5 cubic feet of passenger space.

How much horsepower does a CR-V 2023 have? ›

This is a 1.5-liter turbo engine that offers 190 horsepower. This powertrain also features a continuously variable transmission. Several new mechanical features have been added to the 2023 Honda CR-V, and these include a Snow driving mode and hill descent control.

Where will the 2023 Honda CR-V be built? ›

Honda executives recently shared the OEM's ongoing hydrogen business initiatives and on the same day, it was announced that mass production of the 2023 Honda CR-V hybrid has begun in Ohio.

How many miles can a Honda CR-V last? ›

Among SUVs, the Honda CR-V has a reputation for being exceptionally reliable. The number of miles you put on your automobile each year and how well you maintain it will affect how long it lasts and the vehicle's quality. Still, with proper maintenance, a Honda CR-V can be extended to between 250,000 and 300,000.

Why is Honda CR-V so popular? ›

Among the key draws of any SUV are its cargo capacity and flexibility, and the CR-V offers more cargo room than any of its competitors. Fold down the rear seatbacks, and the CR-V transforms into a small moving van, boasting class-leading cargo volume of 76.5 cubic feet.

Is CR-V longer than RAV4? ›

The all-new 2023 Honda CR-V is nearly 4 inches longer than the RAV4 and has more passenger space.

Which is bigger CR-V or RAV4? ›

The Honda CR-V is about the same width as the Toyota RAV4. For some people, bigger is better. If that's the case for you, then you'll be happier with the Honda CR-V, which is slightly longer than the Toyota RAV4.

What SUV is bigger than a Honda CRV? ›

The Honda Passport is bigger than the CR-V, as it takes its place in the Honda SUV lineup between the legendary crossover and the Pilot. With available all-wheel drive and a workhorse powertrain capable of 280 horsepower and 262 lb-ft of torque, the Passport is just as comfortable on dirt roads as it is on pavement.

Will the 2023 Honda CR-V have a CVT transmission? ›

The new 2023 Honda CR-V EX features an enhanced 1.5-liter turbo engine with VTEC® and a continuously variable transmission (CVT) that has gone through a retuning process for improved response.

Is the 2023 Honda CR-V bigger than the 2022 Honda CR-V? ›

The 2023 CR-V is slightly longer than the 2022 model, with a total length of 184.8 inches. The 2023 CR-V also has a larger wheelbase, but the 2022 CR-V cargo capacity and passenger volume are greater than the 2023 model, coming in at 75.8 cubic feet and 105.9 cubic feet respectively.

Will 2023 CR-V have 3 rows? ›

Although the 2023 Honda CR-V doesn't have a third row, it does offer class-leading cargo and passenger space. If you're looking for a three-row SUV option, Honda offers the Pilot with a spacious interior and smooth ride.

Can you pre order 2023 Honda CR-V? ›

Pre Order your Next Gen CR-V

Contact us to learn more about the 2023 Honda CR-V or our pre-ordering process. One of our kind and knowledgeable staff members can help walk you through the steps to purchasing your dream car.

Where is Honda CRV made? ›

HCM is the global lead plant for CR-V production, which has been built in Canada since 2012. In the coming days, production¹ of the all-new CR-V will follow at the Indiana Auto Plant (IAP) and the East Liberty Auto Plant (ELP) in Ohio.

Which Hondas are made in Japan? ›

  • Sayama began operations in 1964 building the Honda L700, and currently builds the Honda Stepwgn, Honda Odyssey (international), Honda Jade, Honda Legend, Honda Accord, Honda Freed, Honda CR-V, and the Honda Fit. ...
  • Ogawa is an engine plant that provides for the Yorii Automobile plant.


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